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I’ve tested many camera bags over the last year and the Jill-e Designs, Small Leather Camera Bag, is—hands down—my favorite thus far. I give it an enthusiastic endorsement

Source: | Author: Cara St. Hilaire

The Jill-e line features camera bags that look like stylish handbags, rather than purely functional nylon bags. There are several successful companies out there that are in this exact market. The reason why I’m really attached to this particular bag—the Jill-e Small—is simple: it is really attractive and incredibly functional because the shallow design makes it very easy to see, and therefore access, your equipment. The term “small” is a little misleading, because it holds quite a bit.

The material is fairly stiff, which feels more protective than some of the floppier designs I’ve seen in the past. The design of the bag, which reminds me of an oversized, padded toiletry bag allows me to fit the equipment I need without piling things in, as I have had to do with messenger bags in the past. There is no digging for anything in this style of bag. Further, when it is unzipped, the opening is large and therefore you can completely see into the entire bag. You can also choose to unzip only one side to easily slide things in and out of the bag on the fly.

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Jill-e Designs | Vanilla Career Bag

Springtime Shopping Must-Haves

Source: | Author: Kellie Speed

When it comes to getting organized, it’s important to find a travel bag that’s right for you. We love Jill-e Designs Career Bag in Vanilla. The weather resistant traveler is large enough to carry all of your basic electronic essentials, including a latptop, iPhone or iPad. There are spacious compartments for documents, notepads, and other personal belongings as well as an inside zipper for passports and other important papers.


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Hemmingway - Camera Backpack

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