Calling All Merchants

Jill-e Designs is always on the search for merchants, both retailers and distributors throughout the world who are a good fit to represent our brand and products. If interested, please see the instructions below.


Q: I’m a retailer who would like to sell Jill-e Designs products, who should I contact?

A: Please complete the contact form below and we’ll direct you to the sales representative in your territory. We’ll need the name of your store, physical address, email address and some photos of your shop to move forward. Please include a short list of other brands you carry. If you have an online business, please specify the URL of your website.


Q: I represent a distributor and would like to consider distributing Jill-e Designs products, who should I contact?

A: We appreciate and value your interest in the Jill-e Designs brand. Please provide the name, address, email address and website address of your distribution business on the contact form below and we will reply.


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