What people are saying about Jill-e Designs bags:

Congratulations on the best camera bag designs I've ever come across.

Very excited about my jill.e bag purchase today at Photo Continental.

- Margherita - Brisbane Australia

“At WPPI again this year. Bought my first camera bag and it was a Jill-e. Thanks to the girls at the booth, you are amazing! Going to tell all my friends in Canada about your product.“

- Michelle

I ♥ my E.GO bag! It looks so good on my arm and a few friends are a little jealous too!

- Marcia

“It looks like I can't post on your wall, but just wanted to let you know that I got the bag today and it is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! It is so gorgeous...thank you so much again for your generosity!”

- Lori

“Just got my new Jill-e lens bag ordered at WPPI! It's beautiful-- far more stylish and functional than my old bag! YAY!”

- Suzette

“Love my pink (medium) croc print bag! Looks like an awesome purse and then BAM out comes the camera equipment.”

- Carrie

“I ♥ my Jille-e Bag! I would just love to win this bag.... it would go great with my other red Jill-e SLR Bag!”

- Rose

“What a beautiful bag.... As are all Jill-e bags....SSSOOO stylish! Would love to own this one.”

- Natalie

“Love my small black leather carry all bag. Since I take my camera everywhere I go, I use it as a purse. Have had women say "I like your purse." I just smile and say thank you.”

- Sylvia

“I JUST got the medium sized, leather, colors: red and bone...and I stare at it because it's so gorgeous, it fits all my stuff, it's exactly my style. I shopped for just the right bag, among all the other vendors, but i couldn’t find one that I loved more than the one I bought!”

- Denise

“I'm with Denise! I just stare @ my Jill-e camera bag too! I looked @ every style, every color, & every brand till I saw the small (pink w/brown croc) leather bag on-line (not very small really!). It is so pretty, made very well, & holds my camera, couple extra lenses & all the lil things I need - and is made better than most $300 purses! When you have an expensive camera & equipment, why would you buy a cheap camera bag? I am HOOKED! I am a walking commercial! :) I will only buy Jill-e - from now on!!!”

- Kathie

“My Baroque Backpack just arrived and I love it! All my camera equipment fits perfectly (plus my digital video recorder) and it is perfect for a busy lacrosse mom on the go. I'm already looking forward to the next one. The price is what was the final factor. After spending way too much on a new camera and lenses, I felt guilty about spending a ton on a stylish bag - but the price was just right! Thanks!”

- Pam

“I've loved them since I first saw them at Photokina and have to have one. I bought the large white and have since bought the smaller yellow and red ones. They're different than other camera bags. I don't need a "man's" camera bag to tell people that I'm a photographer.”

- Nature Images Photography

“Just ordered a Jill e bag and can't wait to receive it!”

- Hope

I bought the medium bone bag and I absolutely love it! You guys have fantastic products!

- Lori

The wonderful thing about a gorgeous bag is that it makes you WANT to carry all the camera gear around because it gives you an excuse to carry the bag! It turns a burden into a pleasure.

- Denise

I love that you've designed camera bags that don't look like something that should be used for camping.

- Joanne

Thank you! I received the replacement strap and my bag is back in action. You proved to be a great company to work with.

- Judy

Means so much that you and your company would go to great measures for me. Really helps me be able to do my job more efficiently when I have equipment that works so great. Thank you!

- Hannah

I accidently came across the pink Jill-e camera bag at Calumet in Santa Ana, CA. I was not there to purchase a camera bag but when I saw it I knew I had to have it! It's great to have a camera bag build for a lady. I took it on my recent trip to Alaska and most of my camera gear fit very well. When I was not using it for my camera essentials I used it as a purse...way too cool. I have received many complements and requests on where it can be purchased. Keep the new styles coming, I see more purchases in my future.

- Kathleen

I searched and searched for the right carry bag for my camera and lenses as well as my laptop and more. I finallly chose a wonderful Jill-E bag. I have LOVED this bag soOoooooo much! It travels perfectly and protects my equipment with the best padding and quality. I recommend getting one of these bags if you are in need or want for a terrific bag!

- Kimberly

Thank you SO much for sending a replacement bag all the way out to me in Australia. You have no idea how much I appreciate it! It arrived in the parcel post this morning, and made my day!

- Vicki

An update for you. I happen to be in New York right now and as I was continuing to do camera bag searches I came across the store Adorama, which is right here in NYC. Turns out only a 10 minute walk from my hotel. I went there, they had the red leather camera/carry-all bag, I saw it, loved it, took it to the hotel to test the fit of my laptop and I am now the proud owner if my first Jill E bag.

- Terrie