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Separated from your bag?

Introducing our Registration & Recovery System to help reunite lost or stolen bags with their owners.

This tracking and retrieval system is based on QR codes and unique ID numbers in each Jill-e Designs bag. It is being used initially for a group of bags designed for iPad, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air and available exclusively via Apple Online Stores across Europe. Over time it will be in effect for every bag Jill-e Designs sells. Be sure to register your bag!

“Our relationship with you doesn’t end with the sale – it begins with it."

This Registration & Recovery System is a useful way we can assist you when you need a helping hand to locate a lost or stolen bag. We’ve made it easy for you to register your bag and take advantage of this added level of protection.

-- Gail Backal, President, Jill-e Designs

your Jill-e bag

a lost or stolen bag

a found Jill-e bag